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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

12. Administrators, Faculty, and Staff

Administrators, Faculty, and Unclassified Staff

JAMEEL AL-DUJAILI, Professor of Biology, Ph.D., West Virginia University
MICHAEL J. ALLEMAN, Associate Professor of English, Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas
RACHEL L. ANDRUS, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical and Recreation Education, M.Ed., McNeese State University
BRIAN ARDOIN, Instructor& Interim Coordinator of Public Protection & Safety, M.S.C.J., Southern University A&M University
DAVID ASBURY, Instructor of Respiratory Care, A.S., Louisiana State University Eunice
ANTHONY BALTAKIS, Professor of History and Director of Performing Arts Program, Ph.D., University of Akron
BARBARA BATISTE, Assistant Director of Nursing, Assistant Professor in Nursing, M.S.N., Loyola University
MARLENE BEARD, Coordinator of  UL/LSUE 2 + 2 Elementary Education Program, M. Ed., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
KATHY RICHARD BENOIT, Instructor of Nursing, M.S.N., McNeese State University
KEBEDE ALEMU BESHERA, Assistant Professor of Biology, Ph.D., University of Alabama
POLLY BOERSIG, Coordinator of Enrollment & Student Services LSUE at LSUA, M.F.A., University of Texas-Austin
BRANDON BORILL, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Ph.D., Louisiana State University
MICHAEL P. BROUSSARD, Director of Physical Plant and Safety Coordinator, M.P.A., Southern University
ROY BERTUCCI, Program Director of Business Technology, Instructor, M.S.-M.I.T, Sullivan University
MAURA CAVELL, Professor of English and Director of the Honors Program, Ph.D., University of South Florida
JOSEPH CILANO, Grants Director, B.G.S, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
ASHLEIGH CLARK, Instructor of Nursing, M.S.N., Georgetown University
AMANDA CLEMONS, Instructor of HPRE,  Head Women’s Basketball Coach, M.S., Mississippi College
JAMES E. CORDES, Professor of Biology, Ph.D., University of Arkansas
SONDRA CORMIER, Director of LSUE Academy, M.Ed., American College of Education
TAMMY CRABTREE, Nursing Lab Associate, BSN, RN, McNeese State University
ELIZABETH DESHOTEL, Instructor of Nursing, M.S.N., McNeese State University
BARBARA DIDIER, Instructor in Nursing, M.S.N., University of Texas
AUDWIN DONATTO, Accountant, B.S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
REBECCA DOUCET, Instructor of Nursing, M.S.N., DNS, University of South Alabama
AMANDA DUNLAP, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Coordinator of Mathematics, M.S., University of South Alabama
CANDYCE EDWARDS, Instructor of Nursing, M.S.N.-Ed, University of Phoenix
WAYNE ESCUDE, Instructor of Mathematics, M.S., Nicholls State University
BILLY C. FONTENOT, Professor of English and Coordinator of English, Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
SHANE FONTENOT, Systems Administrator, A.E., Southeast College of Technology
PAUL R. FOWLER, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Liaison, Ph.D., Kent State University
ADELE LEJEUNE FUSELIER, Instructor of Nursing, R.N.,M.S.N., Maryville University
TOISHA L. GORDON, Instructor of Education/Developmental Studies, M.S., University of Phoenix
AMY GREAGOFF, Director of Accounting, B.S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
ANGELA L. GREAUD, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Early Childhood Education, M.S., Texas Woman’s University
L. PATTON GRIFFITH, Director of Economic Development and Continuing Education, Interim Dean of Enrollment Management & Registrar, M.B.A, M.P.A, Louisiana State University
GEORGE G. GUIDRY, Medical Director, Respiratory Care Program, M.D., Louisiana State University Medical Center
ARIEL GUILLORY, Purchasing Agent, B.S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
JOHN A. HAMLIN, Dean of Division of Science and Mathematics, Associate Professor of Biology, Ph.D., Tufts University
MEG HEIDTMAN, Assistant Director of Advancement & Community Engagement, B.S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
STEPHEN HEYWARD, Interim Director of the Office of Information Technology, B.B.A., University of Louisiana Monroe
WILLIAM HOLMES, Instructor of Accounting, M.S., Louisiana State University
ALTHEA L. JACKSON, Coordinator of Disability Services, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
DOMINGO JARIEL, Professor of Biology, Ph.D., Clemson University
JAMES JEAN, Instructor of Mathematics, M.S., McNeese State University
CASSIE JOBE-GANUCHEAU, Director of the Library, M.L.I.S., Louisiana State University
JESSICA JONES, Director of Student Success, Ph.D., University of Phoenix
WESTLEY C. JONES, Institutional Liaison Officer, M.Ed., University of Southwestern Louisiana
SHANELLE JOSEPH, Instructor of Biology, M.S., Southern University
JACQUELINE LACHAPELLE, Director of Financial Aid, B.S., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
LISA LAFLEUR, Instructor of Nursing, R.N., M.S.N.-Ed., Walden University
ROBERT LAFLEUR, Maintenance & Repair Technician
DIANE R. LANGLOIS, Professor of English, Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
CATLYN LAURET, Admission Counselor, B.S. Western Governors University
CAMILLE LAVIGNE, Instructor of Radiologic Technology, B.S., University of Southwestern Louisiana
CAREY LAWSON, Executive Director of LSUE Foundation, Director of University Advancement, M.P.A., University of Alabama
ANDREW H. LEE, Instructor of Health, Physical, and Recreation Education and Head Softball Coach, M.S., Jackson State University
LYNN L’HOTE, Instructor of Nursing, MSN, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
ROSE MARIE LEESON, Instructor of Radiologic Technology, A.S. Radiologic Technology, B.S., University of Southewestern Louisiana
ANNA LEGE, Admission Counselor, B.S., Northwestern State University
MARY F. LESLIE, Associate Professor of Developmental Studies and Education, Ed.M., Harvard University
HENRY LIM, Instructor of Math, M.S., New York University & Texas Christian University
SANDRA MAHONEY, Dean of Division of Liberal Arts, Ph.D., Capella University
GLORIA MARTEL, Instructor of Mathematics, M.S., Louisiana State University
FELECIA MAY, Instructor of Business Information Technology, M.B.A., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
ROBERT MCCOY, Grounds Supervisor
DOROTHY MCDONALD, Dean of Division of Health Sciences and Business Technology, Associate Professor of Respiratory Care, M.A., University of Phoenix
ANGEL MCGEE, Director of Human Resources, B.S., Western Governors University
ROBERT L. MCLAUGHLIN, Director of Radiologic Technology and Professor of Radiologic Technology, M.A., California State University- Long Beach
JUDE R. MECHE, Associate Professor of English, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
CATHERINE MOLLENO, Director of Housing and Residence Life, M.S., Oklahoma State University
BRANESHEA MOORE, Instructor of Nursing, M.S.N., Walden University
WENDY MYERS, Instructor of Radiologic Technology, M.S., Northwestern State University
DOUGLAS NARBY, Associate Professor of Psychology, Ph.D., Florida International University
TASHA NAQUIN, Interim Assistant Director of Enrollment Management, B.I.S., Nicholl’s State University
JANE NOBLE, Associate Professor of Art, M.F.A., University of Iowa
CESLIE OBRIEN, Advisor, B.A. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
ALAN ORGAIN, Instructor of Physical Education and Assistant Baseball Coach, M.S., Texas Tech University
DAMIEN PAPILLION, Coordinator of Pathways To Success/ Advisor, M.Ed., Jones International University
ANDREA PHILLIPA, Associate Professor of Nursing, B.S.N., Louisiana State University Health Science Center,  New Orleans
VAN REED, Director of Public Relations, B.A., Northwestern State University
SHEILA RENÉE ROBICHAUX, Vice Chancellor for  Academic Affairs and Professor of Biology, Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
JAMES W. ROBINSON, Professor of Sociology, Ph.D., Louisiana State University
KIMBERLY A. RUSSELL, Chancellor, Ed.D., University of North Texas
POOJA SINGH, Instructor of Physics, M.S., Louisiana Tech University
JANET SCOTT, Instructor of Radiologic Technology, B.S.R.T., McNeese State University
LAURIE SEEDER, Instructor of Information Technology, M.S., Colorado Technical University
GRACE SEMONES, Instructor of Math, M.S. Mathematics, University of Western Florida
KYLE SMITH, Dean of Student Affairs, Ed,D., Lamar University
ZAC SOILEAU, Academic Technology Coordinator/Network System Specialist, Technical Degree, Louisiana Technical College, T.H. Harris
ANGELA SONNIER, Professor of Radiologic Technology and Clinical Coordinator, M.S., Midwestern State University
SAMUEL J. STAGG, Adjunct Professor of Nursing, M.D., Louisiana State University
BYRON STARKS, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, B.A., University of Southwestern Louisiana
DONNIE THIBODEAUX, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, M.B.A, Univerrsity of Northern Alabama
JAMIE THIBODEAUX, Instructor of Mathematics, Coordinator of the Q.E.P., M.S., McNeese State University
TIMOTHY J. TRANT, Professor of Psychology, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
ARLENE C. TUCKER, C.P.A.,Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs and Assistant Professor of Accounting, M.B.A., University of Southwestern Louisiana
ROBERTO VAZ, Assistant Baseball Coach, B.S.W., University of Alabama
CHRISTINA VICK, Professor of English, Ph.D., Texas A&M University
ELIZABETH D. VIDRINE, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, M.S., McNeese State University
KATHLEEN B. WARNER, Director of Respiratory Care and Instructor of Respiratory Care, M.Ed., Nicholls State University
TRAVIS WEBB, Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Project Manager, B.S., Syracuse University
ELLA CATHERINE WHITNEY, Director of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, M.Ed., University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
AVERY A. WILLIAMS, Associate Professor of Biology and Coordinator of Biology, M.S., McNeese State University
BRIANNA WILLIAMS, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action-Equal Employment Opportunity / Title IX Coordinator, J.D., Florida A&M
SHARON WILLIAMS, Coordinator of Tutoring Services/ Advisor, M.Ed., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
JEFF WILLIS, Instructor of Health, Physical, & Recreation Education, Athletic Director, Athletic Compliance Director, & Head Baseball Coach, M.S., Texas A&M University
MICHAEL WYBLE, Instructor of Respiratory Care and Director of Clinical Education , B.S., Nicholls State University
RAYMOND ZORN, Manager of Book Store, A.A.S., Louisiana State University Eunice

Faculty and Administrators Emeriti

IRMA ANDRUS, Professor Emerita of Nursing, M.S., University of Alabama
CHARLES R. BIER, Professor Emeritus of English, Ph.D., University of Southwestern Louisiana
JOHN L. COUVILLION, Vice Chancellor Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Ph.D. Louisiana State University
HUEY GUAGLIARDO, Professor Emeritus of English, Ph.D. Louisiana State University
STEPHEN R. GUEMPEL, Vice Chancellor Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Speech, Ph.D., Louisiana State University
DAVID A. MORELAND, Professor Emeritus of English, Ph.D., Louisiana State University
ANTHONY MUMPHREY, Chancellor Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Vocational Agricultural Education, Ph.D., Louisiana State University
MICHAEL SMITH, Chancellor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Nebraska
WILLIAM NUNEZ, Chancellor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of North Texas

Classified Staff

AMBER ARNAUD, Administrative Assistant 3
ELIZABETH BEGERON, Administrative Assistant 3
COREY BOONE, Mobile Equipment Operator-Light
MELONIE CEASER, Administrative Assistant 3
CHERYL DURBIN, Custodian Supervisor 2
DILLARD FAIR, Horticultural Attendant Leader
APRIL FONTENOT, Administrative Coordinator 2
CLARENCE FONTENOT, HVAC Control Technician Master
DANNY FONTENOT, Mobile Equipment Operator-Light
GREGORY FONTENOT, Operating Engineer Master
DENISE FORET, Library Specialist 2
LACEY FREY, Accounting Specialist 2
COURTNEY FRUGE, Administrative Assistant 4
PATRICK GASPARD, Police Sergeant
J.R. GUILLORY, HVAC/Refrigeration Mechanic
MARY HEBERT, Administrative Coordinator 3
MARJANA HERRING, Information Technology Technical Support Specialist 2
TANVA HUVAL, Administrative Assistant 3
SANDRA KING, Administrative Coordinator 4
ANGIE KLUMPP, Accounting Technician
CORY LALONDE, Police Captain
THOMAS CRAIG LEJEUNE, Mobile Equipment Operator 2
THANDA LOUVIERE-DOMINGUE, Administrative Assistant 3
RENE MELDER, Administrative Coordinator 2
TINA OUBRE, Administrative Coordinator 4
SHELLEY PAPILLION, Administrative Coordinator 3
JANET PRUDHOMME, Administrative Assistant 3
DEBORAH REAUX, Administrative Assistant 4
JOANN REEVES, Administrative Coordinator 2
SELENA RENE, Administrative Coordinator 3
MICHELLE RICHARD, Administrative Assistant 3
CATHY ROMAINE, Administrative Assistant 3
MICHAEL SCANLAN, Maintenance Repairer 2
DEBRA SEILHAN, Administrative Assistant 3
KIMBERLY SMITH, Administrative Assistant 3
JAMES COLBY THIBODEAUX, Maintenance Repairer 2
LINDA THOMAS, Administrative Assistant 5
JAMES VEILLON, Accountant 1