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2012-2013 Academic Catalog 
2012-2013 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Information Technology (Business Information Technology), AAS


Updates: The following has been added to this section of the 2012-13 Academic Catalog since its published date:

  • September 28, 2012 - CSC 2213 removed from curriculum. 


This is a two-year program designed to prepare persons for careers in computer utilization. The program offers a broad scope of courses in general education and computer related courses for students preparing to enter a career in this rapidly expanding field. The Computer Information Technology Program offers two fields of study:

1. Computer Information Technology


2. Business Information Technology

Under the field of Computer Information Technology there is one concentration of study: Systems Analysis Programming. Under the field of Business Information Technology there are two concentrations of study: Administrative Technology Specialist; and Medical Technology Specialist.

Curriculum in Computer Information Technology

* Area of Concentration Courses:

Note: All computer-based courses in any concentration must be passed with a grade of “C” or better. Computer-based courses are defined to include: all computer science courses; ACCT 2102  and ACCT 2103 ; ISDS 2000 , ISDS 2300 , ISDS 2400 , ISDS 2401 , ISDS 2402 , ISDS 2800 , ISDS 2830 ; BIT 2200 , BIT 2900 .

Area of Concentration: Computer Information Technology

Area of Concentration: Business Information Technology